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Module Overview Strategic management is central to the operation of a variety of businesses in different sectors and environments.

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Subject Specific Intellectual and Research Skills Having successfully completed this module you will be able to: develop skills in generating alternative solutions to complex problem areas, underpinning each with a supportive and well researched rationale in order to achieve critical success; evaluate these solutions, analysing the impact of potential outcomes on the various stakeholder groups; analyse alternative strategies for business development in differing operating contexts; assess the importance of structure, design, culture and working environment to effective strategic management; assess the contribution of strategic leadership to managing the process of strategic change.

Transferable and Generic Skills Having successfully completed this module you will be able to: obtain, analyse and apply information from a variety of sources in the public domain; embrace new ideas and awareness of alternatives which should be evaluated; work collectively as an effective and efficient group member, including, where appropriate, organising, guiding and motivating others; plan and enact the successful completion of a personal workload; communicate and justify arguments within reports.

An organisation should ensure that it establishes governance structures that embed and continuously improve P3 management. Forgotten your password? Forgotten your Corporate Partner username?

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Username is required Password is required. If this is your first visit to our new website launched December please click here to set a new password and access your account. General There are many models for strategic management that generally have three components in common: strategic analysis, strategic choice and strategic implementation.

Join APM. The strategic management process is a management technique used to plan for the future: Organizations create a vision by developing long-term strategies.

This helps identify necessary processes and resource allocation to achieve those goals. It also helps companies strengthen and support their core competencies. By determining a strategy, organizations can make logical decisions and develop new goals quickly to keep pace with the changing business environment. Strategic management can also help an organization gain competitive advantage and improve market share.

A SWOT analysis is a crucial element of strategic management by helping companies identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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The SWOT analysis helps detect and analyze internal and external environments and other factors that may impact the business, and helps organizations prepare for the future. It also aids decision-makers by analyzing key aspects of their organizational environment to help formulate competitive strategies.

The process is helpful when determining whether the firm's resources and abilities will be effective in the competitive environment within which it has to function, and when developing their goals and strategies to remain successful in this environment. Organizational culture can determine the success and failure of a business and is a key component that strategic leaders consider when developing a dynamic organization. Culture is a major factor in the way people in an organization outline objectives, execute tasks and organize resources.

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A strong business culture will make it easier for leaders to motivate their staff to execute their tasks in alignment with the outlined strategies. Therefore, it is important to create strategies that are suitable to the organization's culture. If a particular strategy does not match the organization's culture, it would hinder the ability to accomplish the outcomes expected from that strategy implementation.

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Please check the box if you want to proceed. Organizations need to align their customer strategy with their technology and know how to gather and use the right customer data Engagement with customers inevitably yields a trove of sensitive data. Learn the key steps you should take to stay compliant and Learn how to choose and implement the strategy, policies and digital tools that deliver customer satisfaction while keeping Cerner laid off employees as it seeks to reduce operating costs.